How to Run Successfully on Taboola

A discussion about how to make your campaign excel on the Taboola network.

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In this first webinar of our FREE Taboola Customer Learning Series, we’ll be exploring:

  • Creative Strategy
    We go through creative strategies that are proven to perform, backed by our Taboola network data

  • Optimization Best Practices
    How to make CPC adjustments, targeting by date and time, plus more

  • Upcoming Product Roadmap
    A look into product roll-outs which can further accelerate your campaign performance

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Stephanie Winkler

Media Account Manager

Morris Didia

Sr. Media Account Manager

Morris has helped hundreds of companies find success and growth using Taboola. Since joining Taboola almost 3 years ago, he has consulted a variety of advertisers from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized companies to meet their advertising goals. When he's not speaking with advertisers, in his spare time you can find him staying healthy by working out and eating copious amounts of sushi around New York City.

As part of the account management team, Stephanie helps clients make sure they are best set up for success, and continuously identify opportunities for growth and improvement. She has been in advertising for 3 years, half of that being spent at Taboola. When she's not at work, you can find her at the beach and going out to dinner with friends.