Developing a Winning Content Marketing Strategy–Quickly

As many brands shift their marketing activities from events to content, we’ve put together a crash course in building up a content strategy from scratch. 

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16th of April 2020





New York






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In this webinar–part of our FREE Taboola Insights Series–we’ll explore:

  • Content for Branding and Performance
    How to craft a content strategy aimed at achieving your marketing goals
  • The Marketing Funnel
    Using content marketing to guide your customers down the marketing funnel
  • Customer Personas
    Identifying your key customer personas and creating content that appeals to them

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Rachel Zalta,

Behavioural Psychologist 

Global Research & Insights Lead at Taboola

Join This Free Webinar to Get Started on Crafting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Rachel Zalta is Global Research and Insights Lead for Taboola, the world's leading content discovery platform. Her role involves psychological research into the performance of video and sponsored content across the open web. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology, and has previously conducted research for the IDF Intelligence Corps and for companies such as ClickTale and Q-XT. These days, you’ll find her working from home and excited to be hosting the Taboola Insights webinar series.


Taboola Insights: Trends and Psychology in Content Discovery

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