Health & Fitness Marketing in Today’s Landscape

Connect with your audience amidst unprecedented circumstances

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June 11th, 2020

12pm ET / 5pm GMT

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  • Today’s Health & Fitness Marketing Landscape
    We’re looking into how today’s circumstances are impacting advertisers.  
  • How to Reach an Audience at Home
    As people work and operate out of their houses, this is how to reach them.
  • Creative Strategy and Targeting Tips
    Create effective, genuine content. 
  • Some of the Best Examples We’ve Seen so Far
    We’re highlighting just a few of the brands who’ve stood out. 

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“Today more than ever, people are taking their health, fitness, and overall wellness into their own hands. Meet them where they are to be the resource they need right now.”

Sydney Mann

Copywriter, Taboola

Sydney Mann, Copywriter at Taboola, discusses exactly how to create content that connects with your audience and gets you closer to your goals without sacrificing authenticity.

Sydney has past experience successfully managing content marketing in the fitness space, and currently creates both general and vertical-specific marketing content at Taboola.


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