In this webinar, Rachel Zalta will be sharing tips and best practices for making your video ads stand out. 

Optimizing Your

Video Creatives for Content Discovery

21st of May 2020



New York








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As part of our FREE Taboola Insights Series, in this webinar we’ll be exploring:

  • Why Video is the Most Human Ad Format
    Explore the science of why people are attracted to video 
  • Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Ads More Engaging
    Discover Taboola’s best practices for optimizing your video for engagement and conversion
  • How to Create Video Content while Working from Home
    Keeping your video content fresh and relevant in the time of COVID-19

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Rachel Zalta is Global Research and Insights Lead for Taboola, the world's leading content discovery platform. Her role involves psychological research into the performance of video and sponsored content across the open web. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology, and has previously conducted research for the IDF Intelligence Corps and for companies such as ClickTale and Q-XT. These days, you’ll find her working from home and excited to be hosting the Taboola Insights webinar series.

Rachel Zalta

Behavioral Psychologist, Global Research &
Insights Lead at Taboola

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Sivan Felder, CMO of the video marketing firm TwoHeads, has spent her career bringing data and psychology to the world of video storytelling. As a former director and editor, Sivan leverages her technical video experience along with her ability to interpret data and trends, to develop video strategies for brands all over the world. Since co-founding TwoHeads, Sivan has guided video strategies and campaigns for companies such as Cynet, Mixtiles, and Google Cloud. 

Sivan Felder

Chief Video Marketing Officer

at TwoHeads

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Taboola Insights: Optimizing Your Video Creatives for Content Discovery